Can Fleas Cause Cloudy Eye Problems in Cats?

Fleas Cause Cloudy Eye Problems in Cats

It is quite possible that cats can be infected by fleas but the answer to this question is not absolute. In reality, there are a number of other causes apart from the one mentioned above. However, this does not mean that they cannot be the cause of your pet’s eye problem. The only thing you can do is to be observant and know what symptoms to look for so you can determine if it is just the cat or something else.

can fleas cause cloudy eye problems in cats

If you see your cat itching constantly, you should suspect that it might be allergic to something. If you think that your cat has an allergy, you can take him to the vet for a proper diagnosis. There are some common allergy triggers, which include grasses, dust mites, pollen, catnip and even a change in climate can cause the cat to be sensitive. Once you have made sure that it is not just the cat that is allergic, you can try different flea control products.

Another possible reason why your cat might be scratching incessantly is that he has been bitten by another animal. Cats’ skin is very sensitive and can become easily irritated. This can trigger a reaction, which can cause a flea infestation which can lead to serious health problems like hair loss and anemia. You can also check out your cat’s ears for signs of infestation because feline ear infection also can be caused by fleas. If you have found any signs of parasites or bacterial infections, you will need to treat and remove them so your cat’s health can stay protected.

Can fleas cause cloudy eyes in cats? In most cases, it is not the cats that will suffer from eye problems. Although the parasites can get into their eyes, they cannot actually live long enough there. They eventually die out and shed their skin piece by piece. So, you will only see dead fleas floating around.

This is not to say though that your cat does not need to be shampooed and vacuumed regularly. However, when he scratches the corners of his eyes or rubs his eyes, he might be trying to dislodge the irritants in his eyes. In such a case, it can lead to bacterial or viral infections, which can then worsen your cats’ health problems. So, it is always best to keep your cat’s eyes clean always to avoid such complications.

Can fleas cause cloudy eyes in cats to be alarming though? Some health practitioners believe that this is actually a sign that your cat is already suffering from a more serious illness. Like for instance, if you observe that your cat has a cough that produces mucus, then he might be suffering from pneumonia. If you are not sure, then you can do tests like blood and urine tests to be able to narrow down such problems. If detected in its early stages, your vet can help your cat recover quickly.

While there are some instances when cats do get infected with parasites, they are usually treated and cured right away. With regard to cat eye infections though, there are times when treatment can be delayed. This is because their bodies can build up immunity to medicines and other treatments which can make them resistant to them. Sometimes, this can also lead to cloudy, halitosis-like colored eyes.

So can fleas cause cloudy eye problems in cats to be an issue for you? Well, yes. Cats are very much prone to them. However, you can keep them well groomed and make sure that you give them well-balanced food.

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